NO FORMS To Fill Out

You may have noticed that unlike other websites, we do not have one of those pesky forms for you to fill out. This is because we believe in the Personal Touch, and we don’t want to limit you to fields on a form. Our experience is that everyone has a different story, everyone has something unique about their situation they want to tell us, and we want to hear that.

Therefore, I am giving you two ways to get in touch with me personally – by phone and by email.

CONTACT US BY PHONE – Call me at 601-317-2536

If I do not answer the phone immediately, please leave a message and I promise I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Please be assured I do want to speak with you, to hear all the details of your items or about your collections of gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, watches, or other items, and to discuss with you how I can best help you get the most money possible from them.

CONTACT US BY EMAIL – Send Email to me at

Emails sent to this address go to my office manager, who prints them out so I can read them when I have time to focus on what you tell me. For this reason, please be sure to include your phone number and the best times to call, so I can get back with you to discuss your situation.

In your email, please feel free to go into as much detail as you like about your items or your collection, and what you would like to do with it – have us buy it outright, sell it at auction, etc. The more you tell me up front, the less I will have to  ask you when we talk.

YOU – Are Our Most Valuable Resource

Gold, silver, and platinum are extremely valuable, sure. But no matter their value, they are THINGS. And things are never as valuable as PEOPLE. We value our relationships with our customers — YOU — far above any material things. Because of this, we will always deal with you and your cherished possessions fairly and honestly, in a way that we hope will make you want to come back to us if you ever need our service again, and will enthusiastically recommend us to your friends who may need our services.